SwiftWing Sirius

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SwiftWing SIRIUS erbjuder ett brett utbud av lösningar för flexibel och exakt inspelning av nätverkstrafik i våra moderna Datacenters. Lösningen är ett sk. ”Capture & Storage system” med prestanda, lagringskapacitet och noggrannhet. SIRIUS finns i en mängd olika konfigureringar och med enkelt och intuitivt GUI. Inspelningsformatet är PCAP vilket gör att all analys kan utföras av kundens redan inarbetade analysverktyg, exempelvis Wireshark.

SIRIUS Stationary Appliances

The SwiftWing SIRIUS 19” systems are available with 1G, 10G, 20G or 40G Interfaces and with storage capacity up to 1.500 TB.

All SwiftWing SIRIUS’ come with an intuitive Web GUI for capture management, filter configuration, real-time statistics and capture file management.
All units can be operated by any browser with full control, including the multiple user modus. A cli-based operation is available as well.

deployment 5a

The ease of use enables for profound and instant results in capturing in Ethernet Networks. By System Release 4.0 SIRIUS achieves a new level in terms of the performance and flexibility.

This offers great usability and capabilities in the analysis of intrusion detection as well as post-analysis of network behavior and environment where long duration of full network traffic capture is required.

The capture files can be configured to be split by file size or time interval, can be rotated by deleting older capture files when storage system is almost full.

SwiftWing SIRIUS contains a robust and flexible Hardware Filtering Engine that can evaluate and process each network packet header and payload protocol in real-time while ensuring that it achieves lossless full line-rate capture for all frame sizes.
Captured data are stored in the standard PCAP or nano-PCAP format and can be used directly with industry standard software applications such as WireShark or any other.
A ) Sample of Deployment – Tapped Full Duplex Capture on 1G or 10G Links:

deployment 4

B ) Sample of Deployment – up to 40Gbps Capture via Packet Broker(s):

deployment 3